Product Creation


We use your Brand Platform to gain a deep understanding of which markets you should enter and which offerings you should be creating. We identify the needs, wants, and desires of your prime targets to help your team build an offering that will meet your prime target's desired consumer experience.



We don't bring the innovation to the market - we bring the market insights to the innovation. Before you spend valuable resources developing an offering, we present findings from research that can inform the direction and specifics of your offering. This offering can then be refined further through Market Testing.



Pampers revolutionized the baby care industry with its invention of the disposal diaper – a product that promised to "Keeps Baby Drier”. The competition, however, quickly adapted. Pampers’ performance plateaued, and then declined for more than a decade.

Lubin Lawrence developed a unique Brand Platform with concepts for new offerings based on key insights. Our research resulted in the innovation of Pampers' Stages. The launch of Stages marked the beginning of a drastic turnaround for Pampers. For the first time in decades, Pampers began to build sales, volume, share and profit simultaneously. Revenues more than tripled, from $3B to $11B, in 9 years. Learn more.