"The biggest value of the LLI approach is that it is at a Fundamental Human Value level. In today's world where most products meet lower order consumer needs fairly well, addressing the consumer's emotional needs is key to winning in the market and in the business environment. The LLI approach makes these needs explicit so that they can be addressed."

- Executive Vice President, Procter & Gamble


"The LLI team brought innovative thinking, proven methodology, and a willingness to dig in and collaborate. We learned a great deal about our customers' unmet and unstated needs - insight that would likely have been difficult to discern with traditional methodologies. Of particular interest, LLI's visual methodology jump-starts metaphorical design strategy. We were able to better direct our design partners into more fruitful visualization territories quickly. The result of our work with Lubin Lawrence was a powerful platform and resulting visual realization that continues to successfully prove itself out over two years of various quantitative and qualitative research."

- Director, Corporate Brand Strategy and Innovation, The Kroger Company


"LLI's strategic approach is led by creativity and product functionality. Their work can be applied beyond concept development for product and positioning, and will help create sustainable growth."

- Group Head, Global Marketing, Leading Beverage Company*


"LLI's disciplined, consistent, and repeatable approach to understanding, then bringing to life the underlying consumer emotions and values as they relate to goods and services enables the disciplined marketer to capture higher pricing and frequency of purchase than what otherwise might be achieved. Direct improvement of both top and bottom lines is the result."

- President, Leading Grocer*


*Due to project confidentiality, we cannot disclose company details.