Ad Testing


We take ads and figure out how to make them better. Using your pre-existing ad, we get input from your desired and target consumers to identify what’s working, what’s not, and why. Our testing allows you to identify ideal changes to elements such as the logo, colors, fonts, and copy that appear in your ad so that it will draw the customers you want. Using your Brand Platform and the Fundamental Human Values that drive your prime targets, we determine how your ad can motivate consumers to purchase.



How does the magic work? First, we'll break down the elements of your ad. Our unique Experience-Driven Design(c) method allows you to understand consumers' emotional response and desired response to these elements. With the help of your consumers, we'll help you optimize your ads to fit the Brand Platform we've created for you.



We'll work with you to optimize your ads to fit both the emotional drivers identified in your Brand Platform and the emotional strengths of your target identified by our A.I. partner. Then, our A.I. partner will identify the emotional strengths of your current ads. Working together, we'll optimize your ads and determine placement strategy.