Market Research


Lubin Lawrence uses market research to inform our services. Our Experience-Driven Design Method© draws on quantitative and qualitative methods, including focus groups, surveys, and in-depth interviews with internal team members, prime targets, and relevant experts. The results inform the creation of your Brand Platform, Concept, Executional Guidelines, and more.



Our Experience-Driven Design© Method utilizes a unique leader's guide and approach to all research. We oversee all research from beginning to end and have long-standing relationships with the best research facilities across the world. Our trained team members moderate In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and focus groups. In non-English speaking locations, we train moderators with a prepared leader's guide. 

Lubin Lawrence develops the leader's guide, stimuli, and appropriate research tools in-house. If it is necessary to develop any part of the research tools outside of our team, we work one-on-one with trusted partners and with your team to ensure our highest standards of quality are maintained. Our method is carefully calculated to avoid bias and to uncover the real emotional drivers that motivate your prime targets.