Brand Revitalization


We work with companies who seek to get ahead, revitalize their business, or reverse their downward trends. By identifying who they want their prime target to be and the Fundamental Human Values that motivate that target, we create a Brand Platform that drives re-positioning and transformation of your brand.



Lubin Lawrence uses our Experience-Driven Design© Method to identify how your brand is currently seen and measure the prime target's desired experience against it. We then work with your team to implement your new Brand Platform across all aspects of your business, from branding and offering to the customer experience.


Post-9/11, Godiva faced a sharp decline in sales. Using our Experience-Driven Design© Method, we found that Godiva was seen as a "safe holiday gift" company. Our findings identified a new key positioning to drive sales and growth: Passion. We worked with Godiva to bring their new Brand Platform to life in their logo, packaging, customer experience, and offering. With a revitalized brand, Godiva’s stalled sales grew to new heights for a complete franchise turnaround. Read more.